C# & Java conversion

This CSharpJavaMerger Framework is the work of Dr. Hongying Gu.

This article is a part of CSharpJavaMerger Framework, an open source project. Join us now to make it better!

Welcome to the series of CSharpJavaMerger Framework, a free C# and Java conversion tool. The tool is used in real world development of SCM Anywhere, a SCM tool with fully integrated version control, bug tracking and build automation. If you have any comments regarding C# and Java interoperability, feel free to send me an email.

  1. Introduction

  2. Download

  3. Get source code

  4. I’m a C# developer. How to use CSharpJavaMerger?

  5. I’m a Java developer. How to use CSharpJavaMerger?

  6. Architecture

  7. An example

  8. How to write C# code?

  9. How to write Java code?

  10. License

  11. Get involved

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